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Compressed NF Grade Nitrogen Gas & Liquid Nitrogen

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GIANT Nitrogen Solutions offers liquid nitrogen and compressed nitrogen gas sales, refilling, and delivery services for commercial and industrial clients in Orange County and selected areas. We supply our clients with NF Grade nitrogen for a wide range of applications, from high-pressure cleaning to cryotherapy to welding, and only use the latest, high-quality equipment for safe and accurate tank refills. 
Liquid nitrogen has many potential applications and finds usage in an incredibly wide range of industries such as food, ice cream, modified atmospheric packaging (MAP), medical research, cryotherapy, aerospace, and metalworking. At GIANT, we offer nitrogen refilling services. Our liquid nitrogen is NF grade and is 99.998% pure. We can fill dewars (liquid nitrogen containers) of any volume from 4 liters to 400 liters (435 liters maximum). We can also arrange pick-up, refill, and delivery of your tanks for an extra charge.
GIANT Nitrogen Solutions supplies compressed nitrogen gas to commercial and industrial clients throughout Orange County. Our NF Grade nitrogen is used by many industries for a wide range of tasks such as high-pressure cleaning, special effects, product testing, and more. We have the equipment to provide refilling on a range of cylinders capable of holding 1,800 PSI all the way up to 6,000 PSI. We offer compressed nitrogen refilling services to customers that own their own tanks, but we can also rent compressed nitrogen tanks. For standard high-pressure nitrogen, we recommend tanks between 14 and 300 cubic feet, which are capable of holding compressed nitrogen gas from 1,800 PSI to 2,640 PSI. For more heavy-duty industrial applications we have specialty tanks that range from 370 cubic feet to 493 cubic feet. These are capable of holding up to 4,500 and 6,000 PSI respectively.

If you're in an industry that requires NF Grade high-pressure nitrogen gas or liquid nitrogen, GIANT Nitrogen Solutions offers NF Grade high-purity nitrogen refilling. Call us today for more information on our services available throughout Orange County and selected cities.


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